Monday, 18 March 2013

Mad March

"Mad March" was the front page headline of one of the evening newspapers last week. Yes, weather wise, it has been extremely mad! Earlier in the month, it seemed like spring came early, beautiful sunlight + warmth for more than a day! lol... but then a few days later, heavy snow was upon us. I remember a day when there was sunlight + rain + hailstones + snow ALL in one day, just crayy... but then again it wouldn't be Britain if the weather was normal. So I'll just soldier it and endure till maybe... I relocate to a perfect weather city. Where will that be you ask; that's not for me to decide, ask my oga at the top! dazall (lool private joke with my fellow Nigerians, if you want in, just google "oga at the top"). So on one of the sunny sundays, I wore a wool stripy midi length dress that I made. I realised later that the dress would be more ideal for the colder days, with tights on of course. I'd like to take time to thank my sis who is EVER willing & patient enough to help take my pictures :D( lol ok maybe not always but hoping this helps :p) & my friend Tayo who lets me use his camera occasionally (P.S if you need to hire any photography/videography gear, he has some pretty cool stuff, just ask me :) )

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Friday, 8 March 2013

For the love of womanity ♥

Hello lovely readers, gosh I'm so sorry I have been MIA yet again; not for lack of content but because I've had a huge workload. But hey, I'm not complaining, this is what I pray for :) Today is International Women's Day, woop! A day set aside to celebrate the most wholesome and amazing species yet! lol yes I'm obviously biased but I wouldn't call myself a feminist. We ARE pretty amazing creatures as varied as we are, instinctively juggling many things at a time and wearing many hats: friend, sister, mum, wife, student, business woman etc yet striving to stay virtuous, graceful & gentle. It gives me great joy to have the job of making women look beautiful. Hence no better day to share this post with you.

Sometime last month, a phenomenal woman named Bimpe, who heads the hospitality department at my church, saw a top I made for a friend and asked me to make something similar for the ladies in her department for the grand finale of our yearly conference. I was really excited and felt so honoured by how much interest she showed. I, in return offered to also do a shift dress for the grand opening and she bought the idea. I found a tweed/woolmix fabric and thought it will be ideal. I realised also that it's so on trend right now. The outcome was beautiful and well received. I must say, they really stood out and made a good first day impression lol... I love the little details i.e the zip, velvet trim and crystal stones.

The concept for day 8, the finale was a simple peplum top but I thought I'd let the fabric and colours do the talking.

Soo, to every woman out there, the STRONG

the BOLD


the occasionally AWKWARD


the CRAyyyyZY





.& all in all BEAUTIFUL

...Happy International Women's Day ♥ ♥

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Woman to woman, I love you, but God loves you more dearly :) 

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