Monday, 26 March 2012

Kim/Maya's Hollywood glam 21st bday

Hi guys, it's been too long! :'( :) Sorry, I've been doing some much needed spring cleaning in every aspect of life, still at it.. :D (side note: how do i put real smileys on here??)

Last month was my bff/sister's 21st bday and in such a short time, khloe(Jadoy) and Kim(Gifty) were able to find a lush venue and plan a very lovely hollywood glam 21st bday dinner party *Thumbs up*. The birthday girl ditched my design for a topshop dress but she still looked hot, cant lie lol. I have a huge affection for lace so I was automatically drawn to this fabric when I saw it and decided to make my dress from it. Also found the dreamiest neckline applique to go with it.

Khloe likes bright colours so she decided on a mustard dress.

My friend Maria wore this prototype bridesmaid dress I made about a year ago.

Kim - The birthday girl in her dress from Topshop

Sisters 4 Life - Khloe, Kim , Kourt
Girlfriends - Lynn, Joan, Maya, TonyChilds

Many thanks to Henry from H-tay photography for these lovely photos. Also congrats to Debra chosen for winning the last comp.
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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Back to Black

So I recently got my hair done. I'm in the process of going natural, woohoo, if you're familiar with the terms bc, twa, apl, lc, dc, transitioning, twistout, wash and go, protective styling, nappyversary, 4a, 4b, 4c ; I'm about to join your lil cult lool! I decided to have twists in and also in colour 1(Jet Black). I loved the outcome so much, I decided to make an outfit. Nubian and afrocentric were words that had been used to describe my hair so this inspired the design of the top. It's a fusion of pieces of fabric that i had leftover from previous creations. Hope you like it.

Btw can anyone spot the two outfits previously posted that will sit well in a collection with this top??? Post the blog title in the comments and you just might get a free print dress :) 
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