Sunday, 29 January 2012

Wedding Crasher

I love weddings! They give me joy lol. I tend to attend quite a lot of weddings, between my bridal clients, my sister's clients, church family and friends, saturdays might as well be dedicated to them! I'm interested in every single detail - the color theme, bride's dress and shoes, bridesmaids dresses, groom's suit, bride's hair, the decor, the venue, the cake, the kiss, the first dance, the bridal procession , song choices etc Lucky I have my sister and bffs who share this same obsession with me lol. Nothing better than witnessing two people in love committing to be together forever, except if you're the one in question hehe - best day of your life. Saying that , I'll like to give a quick shoutout to my girl Nancy and her husband Dayo - 1st year wedding anniversary today! This time last year, I was watching my first set of bridesmaid dresses being worn down the aisle! Thanks Nancy for trusting me on that one :)

Yesterday, I attended a wedding I wasn't quite invited to lol. A few friends were invited and I decided I won't be left out of the fun. Besides the groom wasn't a complete stranger, as well as being a well known worship leader, I'd also met him on one or two occasions(promise I'm not begging lol). It was absolutely beautiful. I won't comment too much on it, but I wish I'd made the bridesmaids dresses. I was told the colours were red and white so I set out to purchase this lovely red polka dot fabric I'd been eyeing for a while, only to realise it was sold out. :( I settled for another equally beautiful red print fabric - american cotton.

This was my design sketch, I really like the uneven hem trend. It's cute, fun and daring too. Two challenges I faced when I started working on it - I didn't have enough fabric to make the back length as long as I wanted and I couldn't make the front length too short as it might be too risque for the church. So what I ended up with was a not so big difference in the hemlines, but still visible. Hope you like

I finished the neckline(front and back) with a pretty lace trimming I had sitting at home. My hair was rightfully styled by Jadoy!

The back detail is very interesting to me. I wanted a really low back but I'm also a bravissimo girl lol which means I can't do with a no bra or a slap on. So I threw in the thick strap across to hide the bra fasteners.

never mind my puff puff cheeks lol

with my girl Toye

Congrats to the Newlywed - Mr & Mrs Dayo and Tobi Bello
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Monday, 23 January 2012

Fairly Pink

I wore this to the worker's appreciation dinner 2011 at church. It was a black tie event. I had the fabric sitting at home for a while and also had the style for it in my head, just needed the perfect occasion to wear it to and this was it. I get inspired by the most randomest things! The top half of this dress was inspired by the shape of my balconette bra, lol. I just really like the way it sits on me.

Me + my sister +my mum

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Monday, 16 January 2012

From Primark with love

Last night, I had such a great time at Rachel Kerr's live concert for the launch of her EP - Back To Music. It was such a fun, entertaining, inspirational and emotional  night for many reasons. Rachel and her team pulled all the stops! I was priviledged to design her wardrobe for the night. Will share more about this experience when I get my hands on some photos. But in the meantime, look for her, she's about to blow! Of course I wore one of my creations to the concert:)

Yes this photo was taken in the summer lol I'm not mad. I made this out of somewhat frustration. Here's the story: A friend of mine came round really late on a saturday night and we decided to quickly go and buy a new outfit for church the next day lol. The only shop that was still open at the time was primark -_- so I got this in a size 12:
So tell me why I struggled to get into this dress, no thanks to the 10inch or less side zip -_- bad tailoring decision if you ask me. Anyway I finally got into it and I wasnt too keen on the fit. Taking it off was another struggle, this time involving a rip :( so I ripped it off completely. I took off the top half, trimmed the waist line of the skirt with bias binding and replaced the zip. So yay me I had a new skirt.

I quickly whipped up a top to go with it, with some velvet fabric I already had at home. Luckily, I had matching trimming and the buttons were an additional blessing too. So let's just say I overcame my primark purchase disaster. I hope u like the outcome :)

I miss my auburn hair, dye has faded out to golden brown now. I wore this outfit with a blazer (from primark) and tights last night to protect me from the cold.

It was a great night! Note to self: I need a camera pronto!!
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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Happy Birthday Ronke!

Birthday Post: Today is my dear friend Ronke's bday so I thot I'd dedicate my post to her. Ronke is 22 today. This time last year she had a surprise party for her 21st. She had thot that she was planning our friend Toye's surprise party(cos she's a January baby too) but it turned out to be hers too. Ronke's mum bought a lovely pink fabric and asked me to make them both dresses for their party. I decided on a cute flare dress for Ronke and a fitted more daring look for Toye;)

I went through quite a lot of stress on these outfits. At the time, I had just bought my industrial machine (Irina) and didn't know all about how to use it. I realised I suddenly had a persistent thread breaking problem which caused me to run about looking for an alternative machine to use to get the dresses done in time for the party. I ended up using a button hole machine to finish off. I was convinced that my new machine was faulty already only to find out later that I inserted the needle wrongly!!! (sewing machines are so intricate!) Thank God I was able to deliver regardless, whew!

Ronke's hair was done by my sister Jadoy.

Looking extremely tired after the day I had.
Happy birthday once again Ronke and a belated one Toye and to another dear friend Maria (whose bday is also today!). Will be blogging her birthday dress from tonight's dinner party when the pictures get to me :) Hurray! God bless u guys
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Thursday, 12 January 2012

An Evening with Rachel Kerr - 15/01/12

Sometime last year, I was approached by a very talented upcoming singer and performer Rachel Kerr; to create a few outfits for her live music video recording. We had less than a week to create outfits for 3 videos! Together we decided on ideas. Rachel is very easy to work with, she knows what she wants but is always willing to trust my creative ability which is just the best thing ever. This ensemble was for 'Hold my hand' - such a beautiful song. I decided to play around with a few of my favorite african prints, mixing them together to create a unique culotte playsuit. The Outcome:

Rachel looks so stunning in this one piece, don't you agree?

Love her choice of shoes.

I had a nice time at the shoot listening to Rachel and her absolutely amazing band! She's having a live concert to launch her new EP on Sunday, 15th January, 2012. I suggest u all go and see her! :) Get tickets here:

Check out the video here:

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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Bridesmaids - Fuschia Pink & Navy #5

So far, I have done 7 sets of bridesmaids dresses. This post is about No.6. The Colour theme for this wedding was Fuschia Pink & Navy. I sat and discussed with one of the bridesmaids to find out what their preferences were. She decided against a fitted dress and opted for a 50s flare instead. I sourced out the fabric from my favourite fabric place: Shepherds Bush. Both fabrics are stretch cotton. Hope u like the outcome! :D

The two flower girls had a slight variation to their dresses: peter pan collar and a band instead of a bow.
My sis and I were guests at this wedding. Luckily I already had a blue number that I'd previously made for another occasion - cotton lace + tulle ; so I opted for that, while my sis wore a black dress that I made for her for a past event.

NB: Picture quality i.e colour drastically changed when i uploaded them on here :s
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