Sunday, 2 March 2014

Quarter of a century & then some...

Hey lovely readers :) So I said in my last post that 2014 is an exciting year! Well, hello March, excitement has begun :D Besides the many weddings lined up (iLOVE WEDDINGS), it is also the year of landmark birthdays. I myself will be 25 in December, woop!!
Today's post features the Bold, the Bright & the Beautiful. Two of my dearest friends Janet & Yinka (a regular face on this blog) turn 25 & 30 respectively this March. I'm blessed to have these ladies in my life, each one sits in different special places in my heart, lol! So as is common tradition at my church, they decided to do special thanksgiving for their lives. I was really glad that they opted for WuraFola dresses for the special occasion. I should also add that they both serve in the hospitality department(the ladies featured in my 'For the love of womanity' post in March 2013) at church, hence the lovely kitchen set-up in the photos.

Right, so here goes the BOLD aka Janet Nneka Jaey Omalicha! Ha!! She opted for silver sequins for her silver Jubilee nicely paired with black accessories. Who says you can't wear sparkly in the daytime?!!!

And then the BEAUTIFUL aka Yinka Yinkurr Americana Sheedat ChicksBeLike! lool! She makes 30 look like 21! We opted for a very simple silhouette; to let her intricate figure to do the talking ;) in a lovely pastel blue which our darling Lupita Nyong'o has just tagged the 'Nairobi Blue' on the Oscars red carpet ( I watch as I type right now lol)

And lastly, the BRIGHT aka me of course! lool! The bright mind behind these lovely designs you've come on here to see, woop! :) :) Ok it's actually more about the colour I chose to wear: Orange!! Love this on my skin tone. I had to make myself something special too, xoxoxo

*whew* that's 3 dresses in one long overdue post :) I hope you like them as I much as I do. A mini surprise party was thrown for these lovely ladies right here in the kitchen!! Look out for the AMAZING cake made by my dear sister with the gifted hands.


and OMG look what's happened here:

loool... EXCEPT I'm always Blair & she's not my Serena. sorry boo xx

Till Next Post
WuraF xo