Sunday, 5 October 2014


There is no doubt that social media now forms a big part of our lives/weddings. A groom can now expect to see the first glimpse of his bride on Instagram rather than when he first sees her. Your hashtag is just as important as your wedding colours lol; hence the title of this blog post. It's been a month since the union of Ola and Wade; beautiful day it was. I had the honour of designing the bride's second dress for the evening party as well as a few guests' dresses. You may remember Ola from one of my earliest posts on this blog. She's ever so stylish and a lover of all things vintage. It wasn't too difficult finding something to suit her small frame; a slinky gold sequin dress styled with a pair of green sandals and a vintage updo hair by Jadoy. Her husband complimented her so well in a simple traditional get up. 


I also got to design a pretty lace dress for the bride's sister. Peju is usually quite conservative and wouldn't have chosen this style for herself but she loved it all the same.

Next is my friend Tobi's pink lace co-ords; racer front crop top and a 50's esque pleated skirt. 

I have very little interest in menswear, however, if I did do it, it will most certainly be accessories. Tobi asked for either a tie or pocket square for her boyfriend Bola to complement her outfit. Bola is a man of great style and so who better to be the first male to be featured on my blog?! lol. He had two options of pocket squares to choose from and the polka dot one was the perfect choice for his 3 piece checkered suit.

Tobi and Bola are a great pair! Together, they govern the team of creative professionals, of which I'm privileged to be part of :), behind the fairly new online publication for women of colour - Black Ballad. If you haven't checked it out yet, have a look for some inspiring, well written articles:  Here's Mr & Mrs Black Ballad in action:

I also opted for a vintage number for myself, topped with a classic headpiece. 

And a cutesy peach lace dress for my sister:

Recent WF bride Evelyn also wore a pale/dusty blue maternity dress :) 

 And an orchid lace dress for Michelle:

Lastly, a bold pink peplum dress for Folake:

Finally, I just want to say thank you to all my clients who continuously choose to wear WuraFola to their special functions.
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