Thursday, 30 August 2012

Khloe's Masked 21st Bday

Khloe aka Jadoy turned 21 in May. She decided to have 'our' party in style lol... Getting our black friends and family to dress up and wear a mask was quite a task, but they came hard and represented! Dinner in the heart of Canary Wharf, in a spanish restaurant overlooking the river was bound to be fun and definitely classy, hence Khloe's dress had to be that too. When I went fabric shopping, I came across this very nice, rich looking multicolored French Brocade and I couldn't resist. It wasn't what she wanted so I quickly gave her a ring and described it to her. She agreed to it and the outcome, i must say is gawjus and soo worthy for a 21st bday dress, unique too i think. She paired it up with a slick black and gold mask; a fresh haircut too!

Surely, I made my dress too. It really wasn't the look I was going for but because of the busy week I had, I made a quick last minute fix. Hope it doesn't look it :) I found the perfect owl feather mask, you know I love my feathers. My hair was brilliantly styled by the bday girl. 

Kourt, Khloe & Kim:

Here are a few pics of our beautiful guests:

Mum & Dad
My brother & his beautiful wife

Gifty, Dee, Toye, Mee, Siham & Simbiat
Seye & his lovely wife Dr. Kemi
Beverley, Gifty-kim, Bernice 
Seye, Kemi, Jennifer & Lara
Mary, Dee & Fife
Fiki, Dee & Dolly
Janet, Dee & Molly
Gabz, Dee & Gabz' handsome friend
Yoyin & Dee
Krazy Koyejos
Dee & Maria
Dee & Ronke
Dee & Wura White
Sandii & Dee
Yinks, Toye, Dee, Me & Gifty

*Phew* hope you enjoyed that.
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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Prom Tales 2012: Part 3 (Final Part)

Last one in this series is Dolly. Dolly had a pretty clear idea of what she wanted, she had a design sketch and had bought some ankara fabric too. When she showed it to me, I thought hmm this is different. I wasn't too sure it'd be ideal for a prom. In her own words, here is what she wanted: "Initially I wanted to have a dress which was one-armed with some native attire on the top of the body and the bottom as a shorter skirt with chiffon of a complementary colour on the top being short at the front and longer at the back. But I was open to any adjustments and was flexible with any changes she wanted to make." 

At first, I thought I could run with it and make it work. However, when I was out fabric shopping, I decided to call Dolly and share a new idea that I had with her. I tried not to stray too far from what she wanted. Dolly was trusting and let me run with the new idea. I really like the outcome, however, I feel like it was circumstantial and it isn't really what I would've thought to do. I think with this one, you either like it or you don't.

Dolly is an absolute natural beauty, we did this shoot after her very long day out with no makeup on. Stunner!

Dolly Says: "Then ultimately she found this wine-coloured material which I loved and she came up with a cute design which was a little different from what we had originally. I was so pleased with the outcome and loved the detail she put into it. It's such an elegant and glamorous dress."
Dolly turned 18 yesterday! Woohoo! So this is also to wish her a happy birthday! Enjoy the celebrations. Mwah!

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Monday, 13 August 2012

Prom Tales 2012: Part 2

Next up is Dolapo! She wanted a nude coloured dress and the rest was pretty much up to me. She came round for a chat and together we came up with an idea, went fabric shopping and here's the outcome. Hair by Jadoy of course ;) I thought it'd be quite interesting to create a feather detail as an embellishment to the dress. Hand stitched some gemstones on as well. I love it! It's kind of like my new thing now lol so if you're into feathers like me and you like it, hi 5!! :D

Here's what Dolapo had to say: "Prom that is the day where every girl wants to be beautiful and wants all eyes on her, I wondered 4 a long time is the stress really worth it. Let me just say I was so happy with the finished product and I spent a whole week wondering what it would be like it was definitely not what I imagined, it was classier, even letting people know that the dress was made especially for me was an even nicer feeling. In the end looking back at the pictures, I will not change a thing just wanna say a massive thank you to Wura the dress was stunning!"

Sorry for the delay guys, hope it was worth the wait :)

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