Monday, 26 March 2012

Kim/Maya's Hollywood glam 21st bday

Hi guys, it's been too long! :'( :) Sorry, I've been doing some much needed spring cleaning in every aspect of life, still at it.. :D (side note: how do i put real smileys on here??)

Last month was my bff/sister's 21st bday and in such a short time, khloe(Jadoy) and Kim(Gifty) were able to find a lush venue and plan a very lovely hollywood glam 21st bday dinner party *Thumbs up*. The birthday girl ditched my design for a topshop dress but she still looked hot, cant lie lol. I have a huge affection for lace so I was automatically drawn to this fabric when I saw it and decided to make my dress from it. Also found the dreamiest neckline applique to go with it.

Khloe likes bright colours so she decided on a mustard dress.

My friend Maria wore this prototype bridesmaid dress I made about a year ago.

Kim - The birthday girl in her dress from Topshop

Sisters 4 Life - Khloe, Kim , Kourt
Girlfriends - Lynn, Joan, Maya, TonyChilds

Many thanks to Henry from H-tay photography for these lovely photos. Also congrats to Debra chosen for winning the last comp.
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  1. Yaaay! Lol. I was wondering if we would get an update. I won :)