Wednesday, 9 April 2014

A WuraFola Wedding...

Hello lovely readers, I hope you all understand by now that when I leave the blog for so long, some more exciting creations are being worked on for your viewing pleasure :) This time is no different. I mentioned in March that I had a few weddings lined up for the year, here's the story of my most anticipated one - most anticipated firstly because I have so much love for the bride Evelyn Ojo, now Mrs Oluwole, secondly I had the honour of designing the dresses for her bridal party that consists of 8 bridesmaids and 2 junior bridesmaids as well as her evening dress and third because it has been a long time coming! gosh! lol. Evelyn is a lovely lady with a brilliant personality and has been a big supporter of the brand, she is set to take over the world! haha! Her husband is warm, cheerful and together they have such great chemistry that came through in what was the most beautiful wedding I have been to yet. I am glad I was a part.

So the theme for the wedding was GLAM and the colours were yellow and grey/silver. The bride wanted floor length dresses with some kind of peplum going on. (It really wouldn't be an Ojo wedding if there wasn't any peplum action as the bride and her sisters are my only clients who repeatedly opt for the peplum styles for their bespoke pieces in different shapes, sizes and levels of stiffness! lool yes it's their thing!) I was able to source out a pretty shade of buttercream yellow for the dresses and the dreamiest grey sequins for embellishing and the rest of it was inspired by my ultimate style icon - Grace Kelly. The bride also wanted a slight variation in style for her Maid of honour and Chief bridesmaids. As challenging as the task was, it was such a joy and a rewarding moment seeing the girls in their different shapes and sizes looking absolutely stunning in their dresses. Thank God! It also helped that their hair was fabulously pinned up by Jadoy Hair; I love teaming up with my sister! I have to take a moment to gosh about the bride's dress, so beautiful! I am such a fan of the drop-waist shape, I myself opted for that for my outfit. Here's a sneak peek at it:

And now for the dresses:

The Chief Bridesmaid:

The Maid of Honour:

The Junior Bridesmaids:

And that's all for the bridal party. I hope you love it as much as I do. The bride chose a midnight blue sequin fabric for her evening dress. She wanted a sweetheart neckline and left the rest to me plus strict instruction from her sisters to make the tail LONG! Lol...

Surely that's not all I've got for today's post :D What do you wear to a glam wedding?! Here's what I made for myself:

Here's what I made for my sister, the hands behind Jadoy Hair:

My friend Janet decided to wear something I made her way back in 2009 LOL! I had just started learning so I got a bit of help with this from my teacher. It's nice to see that she's kept it till now.

And lastly, one of the bride's sisters Michelle also wore one of our pieces. Working with this heavily beaded lace was such a challenge but we made it through and brought a stunning dress to life:

I hope not too long till next post
WuraF xo


  1. Great designs and finishing Wura! I likeyy

  2. Lovely wura... keep it up xxx

  3. Can't wait for you to be my teacher. Good job welldone. What a fab dresses. Keep it up girl. I like.

  4. Hi wura what is ur contact details? I want to make enquires about bridesmaid dresses - u can reach me thru thanks

  5. Beauty at its best! Bridesmaids are equally excited as the girl getting married. Looking for some really exciting ideas for my friend's bachelorette party soon. Date is not yet finalized. But will hire one of the well known LA event venues to make her feel special. Continental and Mediterranean dinner would be great with quality desserts and drinks.