Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Wedding fun in Birmingham

Hey guys, Im sooo excited and thankful for the success of my first fashion show. I have had the opportunity to show the collection it in two different cities within a week and it's been well received! Glory to God. I want to add more to it before presenting it officially so be patient with me.

So last weekend me and 6 girls hired a car and drove all the way to city of Birmingham to celebrate the wedding of one of the brothers in church. It was pretty interesting: Girls will always be girls. Nevertheless the wedding was one of the most beautiful I've ever attended. It was so intimate and well organised. The mix of culture made it even more pleasant. (Nigerian & Jamaican) I met a different breed of Jamaicans lol so proper and civilised! No offence but I don't see that very often around me. The food was sooo yummy, we had to go for seconds and thirds! lol "no shame in my game" as my friend Yinka would say. I keep dreaming of mutton curry *sigh* lol. As usual I couldnt go all the way out of town in the regular high street clothing, I had to show them what I'm working with it lol! Made my dress the night before (STRESS!) Why do I do this to myself?? Anyway, loved the outcome except for the fact that each time I went to the loo, I had to take off the entire dress and get help with zipping it back up, lmao! Need to fix that. Here it is guys:

I get a bit excited with photos taken in motion! lol so here are a few of them:

the london massive(just a few of us):

me and my gurl Yinka

mi familia

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