Tuesday, 5 June 2012

God save our gracious Queen /Diamond Jubilee

Wherever you are on the globe, you must've heard the buzz about the Queen's 60th year on the throne aka her diamond jubilee and if you're privileged to be on this side of the world, you would've definitely felt it too!! A whole weekend plus 2 bank holidays to celebrate, street parties, union jacks everywhere and free travel!! (LOL i wish). Church kindly organized a street party for the community; although it rained all day, we didn't let it dampen our spirit! Woop! We took the party inside and had a blast.

I made a simple pencil skirt to wear. This print caught my eye when I went fabric shopping; I was told by the shop assistant that it was used by Burberry in a recent collection! He said I've got good taste! lol (If anyone's seen the collection, send me a link plssss). I bought a top from Pr***** to wear with it.

My brother had a lil swag of his own lol I guess it runs in the famlay.

My girl Toye telling me a very interesting story... yeah right.. lol

Big up the Red, Blue & White!
Long live our noble Queen
Till Next Post


  1. Awww..lovely pics.Doyin's hair is so on point ..Love it.:) x

  2. Nice and lovely... The pics are beautiful. Won't be suprosed if the top u are putting on are actually ur hand-work...
    Ur indeed soaring higher gurl..lol.