Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Last month, we had our annual multicultural day at church. It was the most beautiful service ever. It's a day when each person/team dresses up as a national of a foreign country. No better time to have such than right after the Olympics and just before the Paras; keeps the spirit going. (side note: my church is located right next to the Olympic park :D #coolStuff).

I made a last minute suggestion to the media team that we dress as the #TeamUSA athletes because we're winners like that! #TeamGoldMedallists  lol... To relieve stress, I offered to make the skirts for the girls, trying to give Ralph Lauren a run for his money lol... Ok so here's a reminder of what their uniform was:

Ok a bit of an overshare but y'all get the gist. I decided to make navy skirts instead as I figured it'd be easier for the girls to find a white shirt in a week than to get navy blazers + white skirts (which they most likely do not own already). You might say that's not the uniform but it's all about perception and the idea they portrayed was "Preppy Sailors". I think we came pretty close as a group. Thumbs up to the guys for bringing to the best of their ability! I found some preppy looking ties at primark for the guys and scarves for the girls.

I kept getting the not so shocking : "You're French right?" because of the beret, but #TeamFrance didnt even wear the beret at the olympics and they had their girls in trousers.

Jaime really werking the skirt! It's her birthday today so Happy birthday Jaime!! :D So I had the worst nightmare when on saturday afternoon before the sunday, I realised I didn't have enough fabric and it had sold out in the shops. I went round looking for an alternative and found this corduroy that I used for Jaime's, turned out quite alright actually...

"I want my skirt shorter"

Our very own Kevin Durant & Carmelo Anthony lool not

Husband & Wife. Had to make a maternity version too for Mrs Nikki.

Right, so my stats tells me that I have an audience in the UAE *big grin* Time for me to start making some Arab moneys!lool this one's for YOU guys:

For all y'all stateside, hope I did y'all proud. Leave a comment plss :)
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  1. Awwhhh Wura thanks for the shout out. loving the caption and whole arrangement as a whole. J'aime

  2. Nice one Wura...job well done!

  3. Oluseye Samuel Onalaja5 September 2012 at 02:28

    Love it! And that isn't because i feature... *wink *wink. Great work dear. Sky is the limit.