Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The Pink Wool Dress

Hi guys :) Autumn/Winter is quickly creeping on us and I'm so excited because of all the interesting and really pretty wool/knitwear fabrics that I've spotted in the shops! woop! I've got a few ideas in my head and I look forward to making my first outer jacket!

I found this really nice pink wool back in June and I couldn't resist. I decided to make a dress out of it for a 25th birthday mini concert. I didn't realise until the dress was all done and I was rocking out at the concert that I would get really warm in it. lol well duh? I should've known better. Regardless, I absolutely love this dress and I feel great in it. I'm generally not a big fan of pink, but I like the occasional hot pink shoes, hot pink lips, THIS hot pink dress and the pink (and yellow) diamond that I'd love to be in my engagement ring. Amen! :D :D

I wore the dress with a unique pair of shoes that I got at my big sis/friend Evelyn's beauty auction! Check out her blog here to get more info on the hottest beauty products around and of course to be informed about the next auction!! http://evelynlovesbeauty.blogspot.co.uk/   Sharing is Caring :)

I decided to wear the dress again to church last sunday as I didn't get the memo about the weather and I thought it'd be cold. This time around with tights. I must say, I prefer the look with no tights on. However, I plan to wear it some more in the colder months and I'd need to wear tights with it. I will most likely play down the shoes next time and let it match the tights so the dress is still statement. 

I particularly love the back of the dress. It adds more detail to such a simple style. 

I had to include this pic of my friend's beautiful son Az! mwah 
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