Friday, 11 January 2013

Time Travelling : 80s (WLFF Party)

Hi guys :) Very interesting post this is, I'm taking you back to the 80s! lol :D Sometime last year my friend Oyinda asked me to create something for her to wear an 80s party! First thing I asked was "Can I come?!" lool must be the party crasher in me & the fact that I like playing dress up + I'm an 80's baby! (Dec '89 still counts haha). Themed parties are the best! Oyinda gladly invited me as it was actually a charity event that her colleague was a part of - WLFF. 

With Love, From Friends (WLFF) is a charity registered in England and Wales (charity no. 1145247) that is dedicated to the advancement of quality education in Nigeria, through assisting charities and community school projects to raise funds and provide basic educational resources. They put on events annually and last year's happened to be 80's themed. Party was absolutely amazing, well detailed as well; it felt like you were on the set of the Cosby Show/Fresh prince. They really took us back in time & I've since put it in my calender for this year :)

A few of us girls went together, so I ended up making outfits for myself & two others. I did a bit of research and decided to go with the "batwing top, colourful sweater, huge shoulders, tutu skirts" element of the 80's. 

I had a wedding to attend in the daytime so I tried as much as possible to make my outfit work for both events as I wanted to travel light. Right, anyone remember this number from my previous post, check it out here:  

I basically revamped this dress to make it work as my dress for the wedding but also my tutu skirt for the 80s party. I took the sleeves off and made it skimpier :) Here's me at the wedding: 

me & my lovely friends from secondary school :) #Team23 xo
I put on my batwing top over this dress to complete my look and off to the party I went: 

I decided on a black sequin number for Oyinda cos I thought it was perfect for her lovely skintone; she styled it with a pair of neon pink shoes! so on point ;) 

For Molly, it was a playful colourful batwing top which she wore on a pair of skinnys!! :) 

So, there you have it :) Here are a few more pics from this fun night out:

we thought these guys looked soo cool!! lol

me & Seun Lawal - One of the WLFF girls

a few of the WLFF committee
Oyinda's colleague Dami - one of the WLFF girls & her boo. I particularly loved her dress!!

the amazing dj that held it down all night!!

Many thanks to the guys at Litehouse Photography & Perfectly Focused Fotos for some of these pics. Please check out the WLFF webby & support this brilliant cause: ; Education is the best legacy you can give a child :) Also did I do the 80's justice?? lemme know :D

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  1. Love the pics, seems like you had lots of fun!

    That funky 80s jumper you're wearing , Fab!


  2. I love how you revamped your dress from the wedding you wore! It's very cute!

    I absolutely loooooove the 80s & it looks like you guys had an awesome time! I love all the 80s outfits you guys are wearing!

    1. Thankuuu :) ur right, it was soo much fun xoxo