Thursday, 24 October 2013

Queen's Graduation

Hi guys :) Today's post is all about Queen! Yes, queen of crazy, queen of fun, queen of beautiful! lol. Few months ago, this lovely lady (who is also an amazing singer) gave me the joy of designing and creating her graduation dress; she wanted two dresses to choose from. We had a consultation where I shared a few ideas with her that she loved, however, nothing was finalised until I'd gone and shopped for ideal fabric. One thing she said was that her favourite colour is beige so I knew at least one of the options ought to be beige. I'm mostly inspired to design after I've seen the fabric that I'm working with - colour and texture both come into place. After this, I sent her an email of the final sketches and she was happy with it.

Both dresses turned out so lovely that the dilemma was which one to go for. We did a photoshoot of both dresses right after she got her hair done by Jadoy! Photos & Styling by me.

First dress: Beige, One shoulder, Puffball sleeve, flared dress, with a detachable navy belt.

Second Dress: BabyPink, statement sleeves, low back sheath dress. 


So there it is :) Queen really wanted to go for the pink for her graduation. My opinion was that the beige was more ideal and the pink is better saved for a wedding. Tell me guys which would you go for and why??

Queen eventually chose the beige! :D

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  1. Love both outfits a lot. I might have chosen the pink dress because graduation gowns are already big in size so I would want a simple silhouette under it.
    Great work, beautiful model