Sunday, 18 August 2013

From one doc to another...

...well, Medical student. :)

Tope aka Margaret is a lovely, beautiful girl studying medicine at the university of Nottingham. She asked me a few months back to make her a dress for the end of term cultural ball. I have special admiration for doctors & medics likewise, I'll never know why. It could be because I nursed the idea of becoming one for a long while growing up OR simply because I am addicted to Grey's Anatomy lol.

We had a consultation & she wanted to use a print fabric that her mum had bought. I find that sometimes print could look really casual and seeing as it was for a ball, I had to create something that would look dressy enough. I decided to do one of my favourite things in design which is to mix in another print. She was happy with the idea & equally happy with the outcome. Tope's choice of shoes was absolutely perfect. Here's how our photo session went:



As soon as we decide to step out for some outdoor pics, we encounter England Rainfall! Hooray! Just Typical -__- Typical for our weather to have mood swings, but it didn't stop us :D We decided to use umbrellas as props, I had one too to protect the 7d. Fun stuff :)

Hope you like it as much as we do :) Tell us what you think in the box below!
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  1. Woow..This is super gorgeous.She proper rocked it too..I want the dress badlyyyyy <3

  2. Lovely, lovely, as usual, Wura. xxx

    1. fankuu Jessie! :) still waiting to make u a dress xxx

  3. Beautiful cutting and stitching. The dress is stunning. Well done. OkwyChi

  4. Hi I love your work and was just wondering what sewing machine you'd recommend for a beginner. And under £100 if possible!

  5. perfect finishing. clean job.