Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Prom Tales 2012: Part 1

This spring/summer, I've had the opportunity to create 6 prom/leavers' ball dresses. 4 yr 11's and 2 yr 13's! Loved each and everyone of them. However, I will only be blogging the 3 most original ones (the ones I influenced most design wise, as I also sometimes just recreate pictures given to me). Hope you enjoy this series.

First of is 16 year old Debbie. She'd been telling me about making her prom dress for a while but we made no concrete plans e.g fabric shopping, face to face consultation; but she did send me a lot of style ideas via bb lol. She wanted a black, long sleeve, straight fitted, shiny/sequined dress with a high slit and an open back as seen on Ms Cheryl Cole.

For some reason, Debbie insisted on not showing her arms, but I'm of the opinion that it's nicely proportioned to her lovely figure.

I didn't have a consultation with Debbie until the saturday before the wednesday, which was prom day! We also went fabric shopping on this same saturday. (she had her first fitting on Monday night! yes i turnover quite quick! lol). During our short consultation, I encouraged her to be more open to other colours and not restrict herself. As we were out fabric shopping, I came across a very rich looking nude colour lace fabric and Debbie couldn't resist. We worked around that to find the rest of the fabric to work with for the dress. And just like that, the design was tweaked slightly. At this point, she still insisted on her long sleeves. However, when Debbie came for her first fitting,(sleeves not attached yet), she decided she loved it as it was. yayy =]

Debbie came round to get her hair done by Jadoy on prom day; very classy and ideal style btw! We did a quick styling after and a photo shoot. She looked absolutely beautiful even with very minimal make up on.

What Debbie had to say: "My original idea for my prom dress was a long sleeve tight fitting dress, but as we went on a search for material, new ideas arose and eventually some lace was to be included, I had my mind set on the long sleeves but Wura, as always did an amazing job by altering it to look better with the lace. It was different from my original idea but was definitely better. I felt like a princess on that day in my dress as it was elegant and classy. I was comfortable all through the night and had ease when putting it on and taking it off. Loads of people asked where I got it from and was proud to say it was made by WuraFola ;) "

Awww thanks Debbie, how sweet! lool.... Hope you guys like it. Watch out for part 2!
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  1. This dress is gorgeous.
    The colour is really cool and brings out the beauty of the dress. The design is 11/10 and gives the dress a sexy edge ;)

    Keep up the good work WuraFola :)