Monday, 22 October 2012

The Yellow Series #2

Hey Sweeties, so sorry for the delay in bringing you part 2 of this series. Reason is because I wanted to show them in the order that they were created but it's been a challenge trying to get photos of the 2nd creation from this beautiful yellow fabric. Therefore, here is outfit number 3.

I worked on this creation late one saturday night/early hours of sunday to wear to church. However, when I finished it, I just didn't want to wear it anymore. My sister convinced me to. Glad i did, as it was soo very well received, everyone seemed to like it. I also got a few orders for the same dress! Glorayy! lol. I was rocking my short 'fro and some pearls. I hope you like it too :) Lemme know, leave a comment. You don't need to login to do so anymore! woop! :D

Look out for part #3 ! Exciting new face, promise you're going to love it! :)
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