Monday, 1 October 2012

The Yellow Series #1 - Bridesmaids #1

So over the past 2 weekends, it just seemed like everyone was getting married. Everyone was at some wedding, ask my Instagram feeds and bbm updates. Weddings are fun, absolutely love them. I wish I got invites to more weddings:( . I love bridalwear too and I can't wait to make my first wedding gown. I've done a few bridesmaids dresses and here is the first that I ever did.

It was in January 2011, I had less than a month to create 9 dresses. It was hectic but fun. The girls were all so lovely and easy to work with. The bride's favourite colour is Yellow, so we had to go for yellow dresses. After deciding on a style, I went fabric shopping and found the most amazing bright yellow fabric. Being new to the biz, I bought sooo much more than I actually needed. Hence, the rest of the garments in the yellow series :) Looking back, I see a few fitting/technique blunders that I made.. lol thank God for growth. I also don't think this fabric is really ideal for bridesmaid dresses. It's too rigid. Many thanks to photographer A.Deru for some of these amazing photos. Excuse the low quality ones.

a different look for the chief bridesmaid
and another for the MOH

Hope you like.
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  1. In love with your designs!!!!!!!!!!! My Goodness. Do you sell any?!!! Im really interested in you creating something for me, for my birthday. Im in the U.S though....=/

    1. oh wow, thanku Yemi!! sadly i dnt sell ready to wear just yet.. i only make to order.. send me an email -, see what we can do to make it happen :)xo

  2. So beautiful asual :)
    .I nominated you for the versatile bloggeer award
    check it on my blog here pls :)

    1. oh woow! thanks girl, will have a look now :) xoxo