Monday, 26 November 2012

The Green Lace Dress

Hey guys! Told you I'll be giving you multiple posts! :D

Ok so here's the 2nd dress I did for Ms Adebayo's travels back in the summer. I bought this really pretty green lace from the market hoping to make myself a banging dress (as Yinka would say lol). Yinka came round and told me one of the weddings she was invited to had a green theme. I showed her the fabric and she loved it.We decided on a style and here's the outcome


I did a few vintage shots just for your viewing pleasure! :)

Let me know what you think; pleeease leave a comment :)
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  1. The dress would have been like any other lace dress but I think what has made it stand out is the zip style; not sure I've seen that before. It looks like a 'V' up and an upside down 'V' at the bottom, lol. Well done WuraFola...simple dress with an outstanding feature!

    1. thank u soo much Grace, i appreciate it! :) xo

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