Monday, 3 December 2012

Coming of Age: Sade's 18th

Every young girl looks forward to turning 18; the age when you legally become an adult! Therefore it's not uncommon to want to celebrate in style, whether it be a big party or dinner in a fancy restaurant with close friends. Personally turning 21 was far more exciting for me; celebrated the entire weekend! lool karaoke in an american diner + partying with R & B superstar Amerie, lool good memories to hold on to..

Sade decided to have dinner with her friends in a lush restaurant for her 18th birthday celebration. I had the privilege of making her birthday dress :) She was certain she wanted a dress made out of african print so she could really stand out. She showed me a print she already had but I was of the opinion that it was too dark. I asked her what colours she liked and I went fabric shopping with that in mind. I found some really pretty prints and she agreed to use it. Mixing prints is one of my favourite things to do in designing, I shared the idea with Sade and she was happy for me to run with it. This is the initial sketch I sent to her:

The final outcome was slightly different. After a consultation, we decided to go for a 2-layered dress instead. 2 became 3 after our first fitting, as it came up a little too short :( Nevertheless it worked, and Sade was really pleased with her dress. Thanks to Jadoy for the hairspiration. 

the dress with only 2 layers.



  1. Very beautiful n creative. Kudos dear, my Lord will ale u 2 higher places

  2. Beautiful, what a gift you have!

  3. Completely love it. How could I get ds style done for me since m busty