Sunday, 23 December 2012

Happy Holidays!

Hello lovely readers, season's greetings to you all :) I hope you are all excited & looking forward to a very merry Christmas day! I know I am, woop! :D 2days to go, I can't wait to stuff my face with jollof rice, fried rice, smoked turkey, sea bass, squid, plantain & gizzard courtesy of mummy & apple pie and custard courtesy of Doyin(it's an 'itis' thing loool); and spend time with my loved ones of course. It really is the most wonderful time of the year...

But until then, here's a lil something for you. I made this outfit last month and wore it to church. It features four of my favourite colours - navy, green, red & beige/tan/camel. It's a very chilled and comfortable look but most definitely still fab ;) I like to pay attention to the little details, the buttons on the skirt & the contrasting colour collar on the top add that extra edge to it. Ruby Woo lipstick is also a certified boost to any ensemble. So here it is, hope you like! :D

Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts pls :)
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  1. Stunnar.Lol...I'm so cming for the boots..hehe..Lovely outfit hun :) x

    1. fankuu girl! hehe im hiding them away!! :D xo