Thursday, 27 December 2012

The Most wonderful time of the year :D

Christmas day was soo amazing! I was reminded of why it's my favourite time of the year. No, not just because of the food but because of the love and joy shared with my wonderful family & friends. I feel so blessed to have them in my life and each christmas spent together is another memory I'll cherish forever. Church in the am, 5 houses, surprise visits, crap gifts (lool it's the thought that counts!!), apple pie & dance competitions all made the day what it was. I'm still listening to Justin Bieber's christmas album, yes i'm a belieber! :D

Green velvet + guipure lace was the theme for mine & my sister's outfits. I'm a big fan of lace but I've recently fallen so in love with guipure. 

For me, it was a green fitted velvet dress & a black lace crop top to go over it.

I can't wait to wear this top again, but with a yellow dress!!

I made a green velvet dress for my sister with some lace detailing, this dress was loved by many.

My brother & his wife had a little couple swag going on which I thought was quite cool!

Ok so it's the season of giving and I'm feeling generous. Can anyone spot another dress in my previous posts which has the same lace detail on it as the one in the green dress in this post? A skater skirt is up for grabs :) 

From me & mine to yours, may the rest of your days this year be merry & bright.
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  1. love this... esp the green dress :) xoxo

  2. I take that back. Thought you were talking about your own dress before. Here:

  3. your christmas eve dress

  4. absolutely correct :) ur awinner!! xo