Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The only pisces in the village!

Hi guys, here I am again apologizing for being MiA for a while :( April was such a busy month! I'm glad and thankful that I made it to May in one piece :) My girl Yinka celebrated her twenty somethinth birthday back in March. I have never met anyone so particular about their star sign as Yinka is, referencing almost every attitude/attribute/ability to it. e.g (in her american accent) "gurl I'm pisces, I can't eat meat! -_-" "boy I'm pisces, I love hard" "ooh she's preedy, she pisces" "nah boo boo, I'm pisces, I can't marry your light skin ass" lool ok I took it far but you get my point!

Yinka kept telling me that she wanted a white dress to go on holiday with for her birthday celebration. She didn't end up going away so we decided to have dinner instead in what I'd like to call 'Stratford city's best kept secret' - Dane's Yard Kitchen. This fairly new restaurant popped up during the Olympic season and going past the stunning scenery each time, we always desired to go there sometime. Her birthday was the perfect opportunity! I asked everyone invited to dress up in red & blue for the Americana and it was really impressive to see people make the effort on such short notice! :) It was a fun sunday evening, good food, great company, and a pretty happy birthday girl.

Yinka's dress - White fitted midi length dress with a lace standing collar detail.

I made myself a cute little dress too, lol yes I had to!

Here's a few more pics from the American themed evening:

Dami in a WF scarf 

Lol he could actually sing.. he took it a bit too seriously

"hehe I'm Pisces, how you know I don't eat regular cake just cheesecake?!"

That's all folks! :) Anyone notice that Yinka has two different pairs of shoes on in different shots?! (long story) but what I'd like to know from you fashionistas is which do you prefer? :) Let me know, leave a comment ;) 
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  1. Amazing !really Gorgeous dress..simple $ classy :)
    You all look great btw...well dne Wuwu :d x

  2. Btw, I prefer the black Shoes :)

  3. you are such a talented dressmaker. I'm in awe