Saturday, 1 June 2013

Bridesmaids - Teal & Coral

Happy New Month Everyone! :D I'm so ready to end the first half of the year with a bang! woop! Time does fly by..

Summer is here, well kindof, hence that can only mean more and more weddings! :D In February, I was approached by one of my clients to make her bridesmaids' dresses. She was initially undecisive as to whether to have bridesmaids or not, so getting their dresses was a delayed process. They had first bought off an online store, however when it was delivered, they didn't like them at all, neither did it fit well. This can be so frustrating and stressful when you only have a month to go to the wedding. Luckily, I was able to help :) She told me her colours were Teal & Coral - stunning combination. So I went looking for ideal fabric and this was the outcome. It was a lovely day, bride looked divine; her hair done by Jadoy, and few months on, they are going strong! Thank God :)

MOH's hair also done by Jadoy

Me & the lovely bride

It was an extremely cold day so thanks girls for staying out a lil longer for me to get good pics lol. Many thanks to the guys at L'affinity Q for these quality photos!
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  1. Lovely pictures...Thank

  2. you did a great job as usual & credit to Jadoy too...You guys are defo going places....well done Hun...Totally love the dresses x

    1. aww fanku Bose!! always sooo supportive!! God bless u xxx

  3. You already know how i feel about your skill loool. Love it!!!! More brides need to get on bespoke bridesmaid dresses. It really does make a difference
    P.s. thanks Bose xoxo

  4. there an email address I can get through to? I have tried to text you but no reply.


    Whitney Q