Saturday, 8 June 2013

My Flosstastic Dentist!

lololol for lack of a better title. Everyone meet my brilliant, hot and fun dentist, Chanpreet!

I met Chanpreet in a very interesting way. Long story short, sometime last year, I needed a good dentist and she needed a dress made for a friend's ghanian wedding. My brother was one of her patients and so he linked us up! Woop! I got my treatments done and few months later, I got to make her a dress. Chanpreet is such a lovely, down to earth person. She owns a nice & stylish private dental practice with her husband in Victoria called Hermes(doesn't get more fashionable than this! lol ); yet she opts to work in my local NHS practice for a few days a week, because "what about the less privileged?!" such a kind heart! 

When we had a consultation, she told me the colours for the wedding were blue and yellow and she wanted a long fitted african print dress. I had to get the print and make sure that she'd like it. So when Chanpreet walks in for her fitting, and the first thing she says is: "I love the print", I feel so relieved. She has a great body and she sure turned heads at the wedding, getting me a few clients in return. Here's what she had to say about her dress: 
"I am so happy with the amazing dress Wura made me. It was so comfortable to wear and fit me perfectly! Everyone at the wedding was so impressed with my traditional outfit. I can't wait for my next bespoke dress! Thank you Wura! xo"

Me & Chanpreet :)
 Here's a few more pics at the actual wedding, I love the gold purse! 

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  1. This dress looks amazing on her!!! Very good job!...very very good job!

  2. Beautiful fabric, beautiful design and very beautiful client too.

  3. What a gorgeous dress and the prints are fantastic. She looks stunning in it.