Thursday, 12 January 2012

An Evening with Rachel Kerr - 15/01/12

Sometime last year, I was approached by a very talented upcoming singer and performer Rachel Kerr; to create a few outfits for her live music video recording. We had less than a week to create outfits for 3 videos! Together we decided on ideas. Rachel is very easy to work with, she knows what she wants but is always willing to trust my creative ability which is just the best thing ever. This ensemble was for 'Hold my hand' - such a beautiful song. I decided to play around with a few of my favorite african prints, mixing them together to create a unique culotte playsuit. The Outcome:

Rachel looks so stunning in this one piece, don't you agree?

Love her choice of shoes.

I had a nice time at the shoot listening to Rachel and her absolutely amazing band! She's having a live concert to launch her new EP on Sunday, 15th January, 2012. I suggest u all go and see her! :) Get tickets here:

Check out the video here:

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  1. WuraFol!! (yes Fol:D) I didn't realise the actual girth of the shorts...I LOVE IT!! It really compliments her shape and in fact, enhances it!!

    Also, she is very lucky she doesn't have chicken leg syndrome i.e. skinny ankles. (don't ask me why I paid attention to that x_x).

    I LOVE the work you do!! Hopefully one day I'll stop dragging my feet and save up to get something made by you :)

    Keep it up girl.
    Much Love

    1. fanks girl! :D yea i defo owe u an outfit! appreciate the support , mwah xo