Monday, 2 January 2012

Memoirs of an aspiring fashion designer...

Hi everyone :)

My name's Wura aka WuraFola aka WuraF aka WF aka wuwu(unofficial) lol. I'm 22 from London and I love fashion.. This is my first blog ever!!! I'm really excited to share some of my creations with you and I hope u like them..

I picked up sewing in Summer'10 and it's been uphill from there(Thank God).. I was blessed to have a tailor who kindly let me shadow him for a few weeks.. I learnt the basics of freehand sewing from him and built on the knowledge in practice from then on..

For the past year, I've been making clothes; some are my original designs and others are just a recreation of already made designs.. It's been an amazing ride and I'm ever so grateful. Feel free to ask more questions :)


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