Saturday, 14 January 2012

Happy Birthday Ronke!

Birthday Post: Today is my dear friend Ronke's bday so I thot I'd dedicate my post to her. Ronke is 22 today. This time last year she had a surprise party for her 21st. She had thot that she was planning our friend Toye's surprise party(cos she's a January baby too) but it turned out to be hers too. Ronke's mum bought a lovely pink fabric and asked me to make them both dresses for their party. I decided on a cute flare dress for Ronke and a fitted more daring look for Toye;)

I went through quite a lot of stress on these outfits. At the time, I had just bought my industrial machine (Irina) and didn't know all about how to use it. I realised I suddenly had a persistent thread breaking problem which caused me to run about looking for an alternative machine to use to get the dresses done in time for the party. I ended up using a button hole machine to finish off. I was convinced that my new machine was faulty already only to find out later that I inserted the needle wrongly!!! (sewing machines are so intricate!) Thank God I was able to deliver regardless, whew!

Ronke's hair was done by my sister Jadoy.

Looking extremely tired after the day I had.
Happy birthday once again Ronke and a belated one Toye and to another dear friend Maria (whose bday is also today!). Will be blogging her birthday dress from tonight's dinner party when the pictures get to me :) Hurray! God bless u guys
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