Sunday, 29 January 2012

Wedding Crasher

I love weddings! They give me joy lol. I tend to attend quite a lot of weddings, between my bridal clients, my sister's clients, church family and friends, saturdays might as well be dedicated to them! I'm interested in every single detail - the color theme, bride's dress and shoes, bridesmaids dresses, groom's suit, bride's hair, the decor, the venue, the cake, the kiss, the first dance, the bridal procession , song choices etc Lucky I have my sister and bffs who share this same obsession with me lol. Nothing better than witnessing two people in love committing to be together forever, except if you're the one in question hehe - best day of your life. Saying that , I'll like to give a quick shoutout to my girl Nancy and her husband Dayo - 1st year wedding anniversary today! This time last year, I was watching my first set of bridesmaid dresses being worn down the aisle! Thanks Nancy for trusting me on that one :)

Yesterday, I attended a wedding I wasn't quite invited to lol. A few friends were invited and I decided I won't be left out of the fun. Besides the groom wasn't a complete stranger, as well as being a well known worship leader, I'd also met him on one or two occasions(promise I'm not begging lol). It was absolutely beautiful. I won't comment too much on it, but I wish I'd made the bridesmaids dresses. I was told the colours were red and white so I set out to purchase this lovely red polka dot fabric I'd been eyeing for a while, only to realise it was sold out. :( I settled for another equally beautiful red print fabric - american cotton.

This was my design sketch, I really like the uneven hem trend. It's cute, fun and daring too. Two challenges I faced when I started working on it - I didn't have enough fabric to make the back length as long as I wanted and I couldn't make the front length too short as it might be too risque for the church. So what I ended up with was a not so big difference in the hemlines, but still visible. Hope you like

I finished the neckline(front and back) with a pretty lace trimming I had sitting at home. My hair was rightfully styled by Jadoy!

The back detail is very interesting to me. I wanted a really low back but I'm also a bravissimo girl lol which means I can't do with a no bra or a slap on. So I threw in the thick strap across to hide the bra fasteners.

never mind my puff puff cheeks lol

with my girl Toye

Congrats to the Newlywed - Mr & Mrs Dayo and Tobi Bello
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  1. Wura you're dress looks amazing and you even more amazing. Wish I could get one sent to Nigeria. :( well hopefully we'll find a way. Long time btw.

  2. So I have 3 of my friends weddings coming up! Better prepare yourself! lol. Wura as always you know I say you are way too talented. Keep up the good work #teamwura

  3. One word........FABULOUS...& Toye looking all stunning too xx

  4. I Love every detail in the dress and u rocked it absolutely well too. keep it coming xoxo

  5. aww Thankuu guys :) Yes Carolee, hopefully I can be international soon lol Amen! xoxo