Monday, 16 January 2012

From Primark with love

Last night, I had such a great time at Rachel Kerr's live concert for the launch of her EP - Back To Music. It was such a fun, entertaining, inspirational and emotional  night for many reasons. Rachel and her team pulled all the stops! I was priviledged to design her wardrobe for the night. Will share more about this experience when I get my hands on some photos. But in the meantime, look for her, she's about to blow! Of course I wore one of my creations to the concert:)

Yes this photo was taken in the summer lol I'm not mad. I made this out of somewhat frustration. Here's the story: A friend of mine came round really late on a saturday night and we decided to quickly go and buy a new outfit for church the next day lol. The only shop that was still open at the time was primark -_- so I got this in a size 12:
So tell me why I struggled to get into this dress, no thanks to the 10inch or less side zip -_- bad tailoring decision if you ask me. Anyway I finally got into it and I wasnt too keen on the fit. Taking it off was another struggle, this time involving a rip :( so I ripped it off completely. I took off the top half, trimmed the waist line of the skirt with bias binding and replaced the zip. So yay me I had a new skirt.

I quickly whipped up a top to go with it, with some velvet fabric I already had at home. Luckily, I had matching trimming and the buttons were an additional blessing too. So let's just say I overcame my primark purchase disaster. I hope u like the outcome :)

I miss my auburn hair, dye has faded out to golden brown now. I wore this outfit with a blazer (from primark) and tights last night to protect me from the cold.

It was a great night! Note to self: I need a camera pronto!!
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  1. Wura, I'm totally loving the blog. No doubt you ARE blessed my dear. I cannot wait until the House of WuraFola opens and the collection after collection comes out. Loving the pink lace dress so you will be hearing from me soon.

    Stay focused. Kofo xoxo

    1. aww fanks for the kind words Kofo, really appreciate the support! Amen o lol xoxo